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Male Incontinence Clamps

Cunningham Sponge Rubber Clamp

2 Inches, 1 Count


Male incontinence clamps are a suitable option for incontinence protection for men. Unlike other devices, the male urinary incontinence clamp prevents leakage before it even happens. These have also been proven to pose lower risks for infection and skin irritation than catheters or incontinence underwear.

Honest Med's male incontinence clamps work well for individuals who want to maintain active lifestyles without the worry of hindering their routine movements. Using a urinary clamp could be beneficial if you or someone under your care has urinary incontinence caused by stress or occasional urine leakage, or if preventing urine leakage is more important than containing it. If the restraints of normal incontinence products aren't ideal, check out our selection of Cunningham incontinence clamps today.



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